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Business Bookshelf

This shelf is filled with books that we have read, listened to and learned from at EdITCon

Why we recommend this book

Very useful book to make sure you understand all the concepts in business, very easy to read.

  • Hundreds of colorful images and engaging graphics
  • Demystifying explanations of complex theories and financial jargon
  • Up-to-date guidance on remote and flexible business strategies
  • Comprehensive information about international business practice, equipping you with the skills to tackle the global marketplace

Why we recommend this book

In addition to reading this book, I would also suggest looking at the following actions:

  • Create a free account on the StoryBrand Brandscript website
  • After reading the book, you will be able to complete the brandscript page and will understand why this is one of the greatest Marketing tools

Why we recommend this book

Systemology – The Science of Business Systems

  • The book teach you in understandable language why it makes sense to have business systems
  • You will learn how to define you current processes, and how to document them in a way that you can share it with team members.
  • The brilliant result is that other people can do a task, just the way you did it and you can then improve the process.
Making conversation count

Why we recommend this book

Talking over the phone can be a challenge.  Some of us feel guilty while selling and guidance in how to talk is very valuable: